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Past Projects

Here are just a few examples of some of the projects that we have completed in the past.


In spring 2007 we successfully won the commission to create 3 stained glass lunette windows for Darnley Mausoleum, this design was based on the original water colours produced by the architect James Wyatt, in 1786.

Darnley Mausoleum which is in Cobham Kent has been totally renovated by skilled teams from all trades and now stands magnificently within its beautiful settings in Cobham Woods in the grounds of Darnley Hall.

The project is now complete and has been handed over to the National Trust. The mausoleum was brought to the nation’s attention on the BBC’s Restoration series and on Restoration Revisited.


October 2010 we had a client request for us to visit her house. She had just brought a new house with her husband where the previous owner for reasons unknown had installed an Arch window internally between the Hall and Lounge but had never actually glazed this window.

Our client collected Parrotts hense the theme was to design a stained glass window with Parrotts. Mr Knowles CBE visited, he took the details of the window and Michael made a template to get an accurate size for the drawing to be made.

Two parrotts in the jungle. The design itself took Sharon 3 days to complete. The client was very excited when she visited our workshop to view the drawing and choose the coloured glass. We very much encourage the participation of our clients at this stage, afterall the end result will be a fixture in their homes.

You can see from the photos the glass cutting stages. The leading and then final installation.

From Coi Carp fishes, Yellow Submarines, flowers, birds, Cowboy Hats, Boots and even Indian Head dressers. If you have a theme in mind speak to Sharon or come and visit us.


Made for a lady who helped rescue swans when her her recently departed husband used to live in a house with two lakes. I suggested tha a window with some design to be reminded of her husband might be a nice idea and Brenda choose a Swan.

We swapped over her door so she now has the exising door as her front door and making a feature of the opening we asked our joiner who Andy wo can be seen assisting Michael installing a new timber insert. Fully painted and all installed in one day.

Brenda was delighted and now when se comes down the stairs in the morning has a reminder of times spent with her late husband.


A lady and gentlemen contacted me via email after looking on our website and although they lived near Birmingham we were able to remove the four beautifull stained glass panels on their staircase and return a few weeks later after we had taken the panels apart, cleaned the glass and releaded. Once cemented and allowed to dry we had them encapsulated sealed into toughened units and we returned to refit.

We fitted them into new timber casements which had been pre made and painted, once again beautifully made by our Joiner Mr Andy Lumsden. Once installed Rosemary and Paul ere overjoyed and so were the neighbours all happy to see the window restored. And with the news that they had just become grandparents for the first time at the weekend they discided to name the window Abigail’s window after bady Abigail born the day before we installed the windows on 20th August 2012.


The West window was in danger of falling out. The first six images show clearly the condition the windows were in. Previous repairs that had been made to this window the glaziers had used a poor match of coloured textured glass which can be seen quite clearly in the third photo. The leaded light panels in many places had come away from the tie bars and you can clearly see from the photos how badly bowed these panels were.

We were able to remove the entire window and temporary board the window the next nine photos show how we removed and temporary boarded the windows. The panels that hadn’t fallen apart during the process of removal were carefully carried down the scaffold and placed on the van and taken back to the studio. The panels that fell apart whilst being removed were simply placed in the bucket hoisted down the side of the scaffold and laid out in trays. Once in the studio we were able to clean the glass, replace broken or poorly made repairs the window. Then re-leaded, soldered and re-cemented the whole window.

Re-fitting the windows can be seen in the other 15 photos. As each panel is placed on top of one another the glazier makes small adjustment to the brick recess when required, places the tie bars into position and ties off temporary the copper tie to hold the panel in place. Once he is happy he will twist of the ties and fold them back but only when all the panels are in their correct position.

Henry VII Chapel at Westminster Abbey

The large window in the Henry VII Chapel at Westminster Abbey, installed in October 2000, was Alan Younger's other major achievement. The competition brief required a new figurative design with the central image of the Virgin surrounded by angels. Alan’s design was shortlisted so it was Alan against one other. Asked to provide a sample panel, Alan set about painting an actual panel that would eventually be installed into the window. Again as he had done on many projects before, he brought the glass to me. I then set about making the panel.

He presented the panel at another meeting and the decision was made. He was to make the window. He came to see us and told me how proud he was when one of the members of the decision board, took Alan to one side and commented on the craftsmanship. “The colors are beautiful we all think the design is inspirational, but one thing troubles me!” he said “ I only hope that the elderly gentleman who is do all the leading and soldering does not retire before the commission is completed!, he must be a very old man indeed with many years of experience to do such lead work and neat soldering” to Which Alan smiled and replied “ She is in her thirties and I doubt very much intends to retire any day soon and I shall pass on your comments!” Which he did.

This window also took us two years to make. Alan in his studio and then as he completed a panel he would bring to me and I would do my share of the work. Installed by our glaziers into the stone work of Westminster Abbey.

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