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Stained Glass

Knowles Stained Glassworks can help you create new Stained Glass or Stained Glass Windows.

Whatever your requirements are in regards to Stained Glass or Stained Glass Windows, we can help you restore or design from new. For most customers we generally deal with old stained windows generally need to be restored. Over time the colours and the trim of the window can start deteriorating which means the window or glass will lose the beautiful effect it use to once have. With our experience of over 45 years in the industry and the old school techniques used to restore the glass, our customers can be reassured to expect the best of possible results.

Would you like to incorporate Stained Glass in triple glazing?

The technique of incorporating Stained Glass between double glazing (this will make it a triple glazing, 3 pieces of glass in the window frame) is something we have been doing for many years now. This allows our customers to benefit from all the modern perks of double and triple glazing which includes property insulation, noise reduction, and lower fuel bills whilst at the same time adding character to their home with specifically designed Stained Glass Windows.

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The design possibilities are endless so if you have something in mind or perhaps you need some inspiration with design ideas then please get in contact with us today.

Why Choose Knowles Stained Glassworks for your Stained Glass or Stained Glass Windows?

Experience and knowledge is very important in producing the right results. Alongside this a passion to please your customers and to go the extra mile is also very important. At Knowles Stained Glassworks, all our Stained Glass and Stained Glass Window projects will be delivered to the highest possible standards. Over the years we have many thousands of satisfied customers that have benefitted from our products and services. We want to make sure you can share the same excellent results and experience as well. We offer our services all over Surrey, Sussex and London which includes Horley, Crawley, Horsham, etc.

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