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Secondary Glazing

Secondary Glazing solutions offered by Knowles Stained Glassworks

Knowles Stained Glassworks have installed many Secondary Glazing systems around London, Surrey and Sussex in both domestic and commercial properties and we understand that due to the current economic climate, many people can no longer afford to replace their existing windows. Secondary Glazing helps as it significantly improves acoustic installation, thermal efficiency and reduces condensation whilst still being cost efficient.

What is Secondary Glazing?

Secondary Glazing is a fully independent window system, which is installed to the room side of the existing window. The original window remains in position and in their primary unaltered form. Secondary Glazing allows variation and can be adaptable as it is available as open-able, removable or as a fixed unit. The open-able panels allow access to the external window for cleaning and ventilation purposes. The fixed form of Secondary Glazing is designed to be removed during the warmer months when thermal requirements are not necessary.

Why is Secondary Glazing so popular?

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Secondary Glazing has the ability to make your property more comfortable, eco-efficient and secure without the disruption of replacing windows or re-decorating. Furthermore it does not affect the framework of the building.

A property original windows may have lasted for hundreds of year and we believe that conserving the integrity and essence of the traditional building is important. Secondary Glazing is ideal for retaining the character and uniqueness of your period property and manages to extend the life span of the original windows and doors. Knowles Stained Glassworks have helped various types of properties including houses, flats, public and private buildings, cathedrals, hospitals, churches, schools etc. We can help you protect the heritage of your property at a price you are happy with.

Knowles Stained Glassworks provide Secondary Glazing systems in a variety of styles and options. Each unit is custom-designed and practically every window type can be catered for across our wide range of products.

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