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Short Courses

Short Courses

Leaded Light Short Courses | Stained Glass Short Courses

Based now in Horley, Surrey we offer a taster day in learning the skills in making a real leaded light. Mostly our taster days are one to one, but we do have room for three people on these days. The day lasts, including a break for lunch approximately 7 hours starting at 9.30am and usually ending around 4.30pm. Please remember to bring your own packed lunch. Tea and coffee flow as much as you can drink all day. My studio should be warm enough but wear clothes that you don't mind getting dusty and comfy shoes.

Taster days - The day is broken into sections....

  • 1.Design
  • 2.Learn to cut glass
  • 3.Choosing glass for your design
  • 4.Cutting your panel

Lunch break.

  • 5.Leading up of your panel
  • 6.Soldering a practise piece
  • 7.Solder of your own panel
  • 8.Cutting your panel

Your panel gets cemented, cleaned and polished after you have gone home ready to be collected a few days later.

How the day works....

A quick chat over a cup of tea is a gentle way to start the day and to get to know each other. Then we discuss ideas. Think of a design no bigger than A4 size before you come this saves time on the day. I do have design books and you can see some simple ideas on my website which you can choose to make. Once we have drawn your design, we then learn to cut glass. Then you get to choose your glass and cut your design.

We usually break for lunch after cutting your panel but don't worry if this doesn't all go according to plan everyone works at their own pace and should there be more than one of you attending one might take longer than the other. Don't forget your sandwiches. We have a microwave which you are welcome to use. Lunch time, we usually have half an hour break, longer if wanted but I find everyone is usually eager to press on.

Next I show you how to lead your panel and finally you learn how to solder. I find it useful that you practise on a small sample piece before you solder your masterpiece. This gives you a chance to become a little used to the soldering iron. No one learns everything in one day. I've been making leaded light windows for over 25 years and the learning process for me was spread over several months before I was left alone to make a leaded light.

So this day is a taster day and don't worry you will get plenty of help from me. Every student comes back a few days later to collect their panel after I have cemented, cleaned and polished it, so no one goes home disappointed everyone manages to finish a small panel in one day. Everyone is always welcome to return.


Monday to Friday

The day cost £160.00 per person and includes all use of tools and materials. This day is based on a simple project size of no larger than 230mm x 305mm / 9inches x 12inches but unlike some courses we do not restrict you and can come to an arrangement. Ideal as gifts we do have a voucher if you wanted to purchase a treat for a friend or family member. These are valid for a year from the date of purchase. We do have a minimum age of 14 but please enquire because I have made special exceptions provided the child is accompanied on the course by an adult.

Saturday Course

For those who can't come during the week we can arrange for a Saturday for a slightly higher price of £180.00 for the day.

So what are you waiting for, why not call me now on Tel: 01293 278326