The Encapsulation Process

The Encapsulation Process

The Encapsulation Process

Knowles Stained Glassworks are experts in the encapsulation process.

For over 25 years here at Knowles we have been offering the service to encapsulate and seal genuine existing or design new bespoke stained glass coloured real leaded light windows and encapsulate triple glaze these into sealed units creating a triple glazed toughened glass unit.

At Knowles Stained Glass Work we pride ourselves in retaining and restoring original stained glass and can seal old leaded lights into toughened sealed units. Alternatively, we can design and create new bespoke designs. This method will ensure the original leaded lights are reused and retain the providence of our English Heritage. This process is particularly good if installing new UPVC, Aluminium and timber windows as well as a method we have developed to enable us with extending some existing metal frames, old style Crittal frames and timber frames.

We can Encapsulate original stained glass, squares and diamonds and we can create new bespoke designs. This process offers the homeowner better insulation, security and protection of their stained glass panels. Once the original leaded light has been removed, we will temporarily glaze the opening. The leaded light panel is taken to our workshop, where our skilled glaziers will take a rubbing of each panel to ensure all pieces of glass are replaced exactly in the same design as before. For squares and diamonds all glass is measured and laid out in the same pattern. Once the panel is carefully taken apart, the glass is cleaned, all old cement carefully removed and any breakages replaced with as close matching glass, both colour and texture as original.

If required we can also repaint any painted stained glass pieces that are badly broken or alternatively to retain the providence of the old glass we glue the pieces together. A crack is better than losing the entire piece of glass. The glass then is re leaded using the same gauge thickness of lead as was used by the original glaziers. Once leaded we then solder both sides and then the panels are cemented, cleaned and polished. We allow a minimum of 2 weeks for the panels to completely dry before sealing between two pieces of toughened glass and two spacer bars. This will make a 22mm minimum thickness sealed unit, creating a triple glazed unit with three layers of glass.

We offer a service to repair Leaded Lights & Stained Glass

We offer a service to repair leaded lights and stained glass this can sometimes be done in situ or in our workshop should the window require extensive repair and restoration. We are happy and able to take on any size projects. Please contact us for more details. Knowles Stained Glass Work also supply all types of glass ranging from 2mm float picture glass right through to restoration specialist glass, coloured glass. Any size available. You can pop into our workshop where a glass specialist will be happy to help you. Price per meter quotes available upon request.

Examples of our work

Restoration work and cleaning stained glass windows in situ in churches around the country, to creating new stained glass projects by Sharon. Other projects leaded by Sharon Price then installed by our glaziers which were designed by other artists and also some example of encapsulation work we have carried out can be seen at the following locations around the Country are at Chester, Gloucester and Southwark Cathedrals. Also, at Lingfield, Clapham, Alcester, East Sheen and Oxted Parish Churches. Two of the largest collaboration between artist and Knowles Glassworks was Henry Seventh Chapel Westminster Abbey sponsored by the owners of Harris carpets, images of two kneeling worshippers can be found near the base of the window. Also, at St Albums Cathedral this was for the sponsor Laporte industries and was unveiled by Princess Dianna who was introduced to Sharon after the ceremony. A proud day to be remembered. Other buildings where we have fitted Stained Glass designed by other artists are Sandhurst Military Academy at Camberley. Also, Dunkirk Memorial Home at Bishops Lydiard, Crossfield House in Wales and the Maurice House Home in Broadstairs Kent.

Please View examples of our work. or take a look at the Leaded Light Making Process.

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